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Continuum of Care (CCRC) FAQs
  • What is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)?
  • Independent living residences offer a maintenance-free lifestyle. Should your needs change over time, a continuing care retirement community gives you the confidence of knowing long-term care is available on site at predictable costs. We offer a range of levels of care for financial security and peace of mind.

  • What levels of care are provided at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • Senior living at Covenant Living of Turlock means living independently while having on-site access to a comprehensive menu of health care services and long-term care. We meet the needs of our residents by providing the following levels of care:

    • Residential Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Skilled Nursing
  • Who qualifies for independent living?
  • Anyone who is capable of handling their own care and coordinating services is welcome. We offer a range of attractive balcony, garden and patio floor plans to suit your independent living lifestyle.

  • Who qualifies for Assisted Living?
  • Reach for the helping hand of Assisted Living at Covenant Living of Turlock if you need assistance with at least two activities of daily living and have a physician’s order.

  • Who determines the proper transition plan should a resident need to move to another level in the Continuum of Care?
  • The family and the wellness nurse make decisions in collaboration with the resident and staff. 

  • Who qualifies for Skilled Nursing?
  • Covenant Living of Turlock provides Skilled Nursing services to residents who need 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Health Care & Medicine FAQs
  • Who is primarily responsible for health care and medical services at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • The Healthcare Administrator is responsible for medical decisions.

  • How does my Primary Care Physician fit into my health care program at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • It is up to the physician whether residents can continue to seek advice and treatment from the primary care provider.

  • What happens if a resident requires hospitalization?
  • They go to he hospital

  • Is there a pharmacy at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • Pharmaceutical delivery is available on campus for our residents.

  • How does medical insurance coverage work at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • Coverage varies depending on level of care. We recommend calling your provider to see what type of health care services are covered.

  • Are there any Social Service offerings or programming at Covenant Living of Turlock?
  • Yes, we offer programs for Skilled Nursing residents.

Sales Process FAQs
  • If I am interested in living at Covenant Living of Turlock, where should I begin and who can help me through this process?
  • Contact the Sales Department at 877-395-4851 to schedule a personal appointment and tour. Any of our dedicated sales representatives can help you explore your options for retirement living and guide you through the process.

  • What kinds of contracts does Covenant Living of Turlock offer and what’s included in my contract?
  • We offer several residency agreement options, from rental to repayable contracts.

  • Once I select an apartment and contract, what is the next step?
  • The sales team walks everyone through the reservation process before you move in.

  • How long is the contract process? How quickly am I able to move into my new apartment within your community?
  • Once you complete the simple reservation process and the apartment is ready, you can move in right away.

  • What if I am unable or not ready to move in immediately?
  • We allow some flexibility, so please talk to the sales rep about your particular circumstances. 

Financial Planning FAQs
  • Are any of the required fees to live at Covenant Living of Turlock tax-deductible?
  • Yes. A portion of the entry fee and a portion of the ongoing monthly maintenance fee are usually deductible as a health care expense. All residents should consult their income tax advisor.

  • What are the major differences between the three contracts offered at Covenant Living of Turlock in terms of fees and included services?
  • There are a variety of contracts available, based on the extent of future healthcare expectations:

    • 60 healthcare days paid at the residential rate with an continuing 10 percent reduction going forward
    • 30 healthcare days with no reduction
    • A refundable contract that preserves a portion of your entry fee to your estate
  • How do I choose the contract that is right for me?
  • Our sales staff will discuss contract options with residents and their families to help them make the right decision.

Food & Dining FAQs
  • What is the Dining Program and how does it work?
  • Choice Dining is the dining program for residential living, designed to offer residents a wide variety of options. Residents make choices based on the number of “dining dollars” to be used to purchase meals—ranging from 15 or 20 meals per month to one meal per day. Choice Dining is available in both the formal dining room and the Bistro.

  • What if I prefer to pick up my meal?
  • Meals to go are available. We are also happy to deliver meals for an additional charge.

Lifestyle & Activities FAQs
  • What is there to do once I make the move to Covenant Living of Turlock? Will I remain active?
  • Yes, our campus offers a variety of programs for residents. Each month residents receive a calendar filled with an assortment of activities based on our LifeConnect© philosophy. Programming on campus is developed through collaboration with residents, and is focused on their interest and desires. 

  • How do residents at Covenant Living of Turlock find out about activities, programming and upcoming events?
  • Our LifeConnect© bulletin board and internal television program on Channel 900 provide ongoing details about events on campus. 

  • Are there religious activities I can choose to participate in?
  • Yes, we offer weekly chapel services and Bible studies.

  • Does Covenant Living of Turlock offer any type of exercise or wellness classes?
  • We offer a series of wellness and exercise classes, as well as an up-to-date fitness center.

  • Does Covenant Living of Turlock have any other specific indoor recreation rooms?
  • Along with our fitness center, we have a classroom, an auditorium, an arts and crafts room, and various resident lounges.

  • Do you have any location on campus for outdoor recreation?
  • We have a large central park area that provides areas for walking.

  • Does Covenant Living of Turlock have a library on campus?
  • Yes, our library is located in the Redwood Town Center.

  • What about those who have visual impairments? Do you have programming available on campus for them?
  • We attempt to provide a variety of opportunities for all of our residents.

  • Why should I make the move to your community now?
  • Take the burden and stress of home maintenance out of your life and put your energy into life at our community. Come and talk with our sales staff to realize all we have to offer.

  • What other types of services does Covenant Living of Turlock provide?
  • LifeConnect© creates opportunities in a variety of wellness areas, including physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional dimensions.

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